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Industrial Metal Storage Mezzanine Floor Rack Racking System/Steel Rack

Industrial Metal Storage Mezzanine Floor Rack Racking System/Steel Rack

Industrial Metal Storage Mezzanine Floor Rack Racking System/Steel Rack Loft-style shelf structure: The steel structure ;
Basic Info
Model NO. GL-014
Usage Warehouse Rack
Material Steel
Structure Rack
Type Pallet Racking
Mobility Adjustable
Height Sizes Can Be Customized
Weight 500-4000kg/Level
Closed Open
Development Conventional
Serviceability Common Use
Certification ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001
HS Code 73089000, 73089000
Transport Package Pallet Package or as Requested
Specification customized
Trademark Yuanjin
Origin Jiangxi China
Production Capacity 260000PCS/Year
Product Description

Industrial Metal Storage Mezzanine Floor Rack Racking System/Steel Rack

Loft-style shelf structure:

The steel structure floor with upright columns as the floor support. The floor is flat and the whole is strong. Carrying capacity is strong and uniform. It is suitable for the situation that the warehouse is high, the goods are small, the manual access and the large amount of access are available. It can be fully utilized to save the area of the storeroom. Depending on the actual site and the specific requirements, it can be designed as a multi-storey floor, usually 2 to 3 floors. The bottom shelf can be medium-duty shelves, heavy-duty shelves and other shelves. It is not only a system for storing goods, but also a support point for the upper weight. Equipped with stairs, guardrail and electric lifting platform and other auxiliary facilities.All combined structure, strong sense of three-dimensional. The use of high-quality carbon structural steel, quality, bearing, the appearance is very superior. According to the actual site needs, flexible design into two or more attic. Suitable for storing more variety and less bulk goods. Special C-shaped steel floor, snap-type structure, with a special locking device to lock, so that the loft together as one. The floor is flat. Dust, debris, small pieces will not fall into the downstairs. Downstairs lighting wiring can also be hidden and beautiful. Widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other industries.The mezzanine rack is required for the height of the warehouse. Suitable for smaller goods, manual access, storage of large warehouses. Also need to consider lighting, fire and other issues.Features:1. Mezzanine racks can enhance shelf height, make full use of storage height and save space.2. Floor laying special floor slab. It has a strong loading capacity compared with the pattern plate or the rigid grille. It has the characteristics of good integrity, uniform loading, smooth surface, easy to lock and so on.3. The mezzanine rack takes full consideration of the humanized logistics. The design is beautiful and the structure is generous. It is convenient to install and disassemble, and can be designed flexibly according to the field.4. The mezzanine rack is suitable for storage of various types of goods.Selection factors of main profiles - columns, beams and laminate specifications:1. Rated weight of the beam each level;2. The length of the beam (the length of the shelf);3. The storage layers and the rated total weight;4. The total area of the attic surface and the load capacity per unit area.


The main factors of the attic platform in the storage area:
1. The shape and size of the warehouse, the location of the warehouse gate and so on;2. The size of a single piece of goods. When the volume of single piece goods is large, the width of the channel between the shelves is large. When the volume of single piece goods is small, the channel is small, but it is a generally not less than 700mm.3. The general bearing capacity is at 300-1000KG/square meters. The column selects a round pipe with strong bearing capacity and less steel.

The use of material, specifications and standards for the main parts of the shelf:

1. Material: Baosteel Q235 or SS400, SPCC

2. Upright: normally with 5*47*1.5/1.8 Q235 convex cold rolling steel

3. Shelf board: 0.6-0.8mm thickness, high quality SPCC cold plate, which is welded by panel and reinforcement.

4. Beam: P tube or other profile

5. Floor beams

Shelf profiles, shelf and beams strength index (unit: N / mm2)
Steel No.Steel typesTension, compression, bendingShearEnd pressure
Q235Cold-formed steel, column, beam205120310

1.The installation of the attic type shelf is very simple and quick. Simple assembly, no screws. Custom specifications can be available. It is easy to use the pallet for delivery. It is the first choice for the large and medium sized and small enterprises to choose the storage shelf.
2. The attic shelf is suitable for the large and medium parts with uniform specifications. Easy to pick up, easy to pick up, fast, strong structure. The bearing weight of this shelf is mostly in the layer bearing 800KG. This platform can save space and greatly reduce the waste of space. Other specifications can be made, the shelves in the logistics enterprises, the large amount of plants, suitable for large and medium-sized warehouse.


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