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What type of racking do I need?

Aug 22, 2023

For over 55 years, family-run firm Stakapal has produced storage and racking for warehousing and manufacturing industries across the UK. Nick Betteley, technical director at Stakapal, advises what to consider when choosing racking for your warehouse.

When it comes to selecting the correct storage option there can be numerous challenges. In furniture and joinery manufacturing there are many different lengths and quantities of products which are difficult to store. From panel products and sheet materials to softwoods and hardwoods, you need to maximise the available space in your building, increase throughput and also minimise stock damage. You need to consider the type of mechanical handling equipment you are using, plus the available storage options for any handloaded product ranges.

Stakapal's own in-house design and project teams have provided a range of turnkey solutions for the industry. We are the only manufacturer to produce cantilever racking and pallet racking, as well as a full range of warehouse racking systems, from within the UK.

Whatever you are storing we offer a solution

Cantilever racking

When storing long lengths of product, cantilever racking offers the perfect solution. This type of racking consists of vertical upright columns with arms attached at variable heights. Arms can be adapted to accommodate specific load bearing requirements and designed to suit any pack size to fully maximise the available area.

Single-sided racks can fit flush against the wall, while double-sided configurations create storage on either side of the central column. Our full range includes conventional, free path and guided aisle cantilever racking.

Pallet racking

Our Stakrak SR2000 series pallet racking offers a low budget alternative for storing low volumes of panel products and sheet materials. Our comprehensive range of rack frames and beams ensure that there is a solution for any storage challenge.

A-frame / vertical racks

For hand-picked items, you could opt for our A-frame / vertical racks. This type of racking system stores vertically with the item's length resting on a sloped frame shaped like an ‘A’. It can be configured as single sided for storing against a wall or double sided if you have available floor space.

Pigeon hole racking

For relatively small, hand-loaded quantities, our pigeon hole racks make it easy to access specific product ranges which are stored horizontally in separate compartments. The pigeon holes are divided by vertical beams which can either be fixed in place or adjustable dependent upon storage needs.

Safety first

The manufacturing industry is safety conscious, and we support this through our membership with SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) – a leading voice within the warehouse industry.

As full members of SEMA, our products are independently tested, which guarantees they have been designed, manufactured, and installed to rigorously defined standards.

Stakapal's commitment to safety continues by ensuring that our in-house installers working on your site are registered and put through SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) – a unique initiative from SEMA which trains on the safe and correct way to install racking.

Racking systems qualify as work equipment and, under PUWER, it is your responsibility to ensure they are in good working order. The HSE recommends using a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI) who is trained and continually assessed to industry standards. Following the installation of our racking, our own in-house SARI's offer this facility to our customers on an annual basis. We visit each site to undertake a comprehensive inspection and prepare a detailed report.

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Stakapal Whatever you are storing we offer a solution Cantilever racking Pallet racking A-frame / vertical racks Pigeon hole racking Safety first