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The 13 Best Shoe Organizers and Racks to Keep Footwear Tidy

Dec 22, 2023

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Beautiful shoes need beautiful spaces, too!

It's a fact: You can never have too many shoes. Unfortunately, keeping your shoe collection tidy is a challenge for even the most organized. You can easily run out of space for your much-loved footwear, especially if your top choices include harder-to-store varieties like work heels and ankle boots.

So what do you do when you’re running low on closet space for your prized collection? Use the spring cleaning season as an excuse to invest in smart shoe organizers. Depending on your space and style, there's a wide variety of storage options that can suit your needs, says Ashely Coleman, CEO and founder of Done Neatly, a professional full-service home-organizing company.

If you live in a small apartment and want to make the most of your existing closet space, there are stackable drawers and risers to help you double the real estate you already have. On the other hand, if you have an overwhelming amount of shoes and need an aesthetic way to display them, there are also modular options for large walk-in closets. Of course, there are plenty of options for those who fall somewhere in the middle, including shoe cabinets that double as entryway tables and natural wood accordion-style shelving.

It's all about getting creative and maximizing your space. No matter what you're looking for, these hardworking options can help start your search on the right foot.

In case you didn't know, Marie Kondo, the woman whose name is synonymous with the word organization herself made a collab shoe shelf with The Container Store. This stacking wood shelf by Marie Kondo holds a natural and minimalist aesthetic, a beautiful representation of Japanese interior style. Not to mention, it's one of Done Neatly's favorites!

A tall storage rack that can go up against your wall will save you some floor space, and make a nice display out of your shoe collection. You can find this closet-style rack in four natural colors to match the aesthetic of your room.

If you prefer to compartmentalize each shoe in its own box, then these linen shoe boxes are what you are looking for. You can get them in different sizes, giving you space for your heels and your sneakers. You can also stack them however you see fit, making them a great option for anyone who needs to get creative with their space.

Would you prefer not to see your shoes? Then this closable little shoe closet allows you to keep them organized and out of sight. It's a smaller option to keep your most highly worn shoes in, and works double duty as a cute hallway table.

If you want a simple and affordable organizer with tons of space, then this six-tiered shoe rack can do the job for you. You'll find not only an ample amount of shelf space but compartments on the side to store slippers and flip-flops. Not to mention, she's slim enough to fit inside a closet if you would like to keep them out of sight.

This one is Ashley Coleman's go-to when it comes to simple shoe organization. You can completely customize this option by stacking as many layers of shelving as you need.

This lovely shoe storage rack is an amazing way to optimize space when there is simply none left. Hanging your shoes on your door with a 10-tier shoe rack will keep them in the same room as your clothes without taking away any space from them.

Neatly pack your shoes in this stylish and spacious closet. This option makes for a beautiful interior piece as well, allowing you to place some of your everyday essentials (like keys and sunglasses) on top.

Now here's a little trick you didn't know you needed, from the organization expert Ashley herself. Stacking your shoes on top of each other is not only visually pleasing and efficient, but also a highly affordable option. You can place two pairs of shoes on the same space it would take just one. What a win!

A design-forward shoe ladder would look stunning at your entryway. While it only holds four shoes at a time, you can keep your everyday favorites on this rack and alternate between seasons.

This rack can comfortably fit 12 pairs of shoes and displays them in a simple and chic way. Not to mention the natural wood color feels very current and can brighten your space with a modern touch.

Larger in size, this cabinet can hide all your shoes while simultaneously acting as a lovely stand. Because it can conceal your entire shoe collection, it wouldn't be odd to keep this cabinet in any room of your choosing, be it your living room, hallway, or even bedroom.

Storage options that line up vertically rather than horizontally can save you lots of space. The racks on this one are slightly slanted, giving you a good look at your shoe collection when you're browsing for the right pair.

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