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Revamp Your Kitchen With These 5 DIY Decor Projects Inspired by Instagram Trends

Dec 18, 2023

For most of us, the kitchen is a place of creativity. It's where we try out new recipes, orchestrate family gatherings, and come up with some of our best ideas. If you work remotely, it might even be the place where you take meetings and collaborate with co-workers.

To match that creative spirit, we’ve rounded up five stylish kitchens with standout features you can replicate for a fraction of the cost. From one-of-a-kind light pendants to antique must-haves, this list has something for every kind of creative homeowner looking to revamp their kitchen.

This week's Instagram dispatch is all about DIY decor, so grab your tools and take a look at these affordable, appealing projects.

We all know by now that one of the fastest ways to change the overall feel of a space is with the lighting. But did you know a look as pristine as this one from @northbrookdesigns could be achieved with a simple DIY decor?

"A bowl pendant in the kitchen adds a soft, round shape to a room that is usually comprised of lots of rectangles with cabinet boxes, doors, and appliances," says Teri Simone, head of design for Nieu Cabinet Doors. "A fun DIY is to make a bowl into a pendant in the style and texture of your choice. It's also an affordable way to mimic your favorite designer looks."

Get the look: Spend an afternoon on this DIY project, or shop this industrial-style pendant.

Another way to change the overall look and feel of your kitchen in one fell swoop is to add a bit of greenery on a floating shelf like this one from @livinginspiring.

"Floating plant shelves allow you to make use of space that would otherwise be impossible to utilize," says Vera Kutsenko, garden designer and CEO of Neverland. "It makes these shelves a practical addition to a room like the kitchen, helping save space and make it look presentable all at once."

Get the look: Check out this tutorial to make your own plant shelf, or skip the trips to the hardware store and grab this one off Etsy.

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A range hood doesn't have to be boring. In fact, some experts have even called range hoods the jewelry of the kitchen. We’re obsessed with this imaginative take on a wainscoting range hood featured by @carriedelanyinteriors.

"Why should your walls have all the fun?" asks Vicki Liston of On the Fly DIY. "A range hood with wainscoting gives a classy, finished look without drawing too much attention—it can even hide the fact that the hood is even there."

Get the look: Get inspired by this DIY range hood design.

Nothing adds charm to a kitchen quite like an antique piece, and this elegant island unit from @velvetart7 is the perfect example of something that's beautiful and functional.

"An antique piece of furniture can serve as a kitchen island and can soften the look of a new kitchen for that old-world, lived-in feeling. It also serves as a great cutting board top and can be stained or painted to your liking," says Simone.

Get the look: Scour your local antiques shops for a sideboard and then check out this tutorial for a reclaimed wood kitchen island with a marble top. Or snag this kitchen island on wheels.

Speaking of old-world charm, there's something about these DIY plate racks that give this kitchen from @mels_home_and_garden that homey, lived-in look we love so much.

"I always love it when plate racks pop back into the design scene," says Liston. "A fun alternative to stacking, racks are perfect for unique plate collections (like Polish pottery) or when your plates are just too beautiful and have to be displayed. I find plate racks to work best in kitchens with partial or all-solid cabinetry so the rack stands out and draws the eye to its display."

Get the look: Follow this easy DIY guide, then display all of your favorite dishes.

Larissa Runkle is a writer and editor living in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Her work focuses on unique real estate and lifestyle trends.

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