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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 11: How to beat the El Gigante duo

Jan 01, 2024

Runaway mine carts always make the best rides!

The last thing we will have done in Resident Evil 4 Remake is take on Salazar's abominable aide, Verdugo. While we didn't quite kill the alien-like monster, we did escape it, and will never have to worry about it again. Thank God.

As is always the case in Resident Evil, however, we've other things to worry about. In Chapter 11, it's mainly Jack Krauser, but there's a surprise duo we need to tackle, too. Here's our walkthrough of Chapter 11 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, which details how to ride the Mine Carts, beat the El Gigante duo, and fight Krauser.

After having fled Verdugo in Chapter 10 of Resident Evil 4, we’ll now be reunited with Luis, who's in pretty high spirits.

Speak with the Merchant and save if needed. Then, head up the ladder and go left.

There’ll be a blockage that needs blowing up using dynamite. Head right to reach the M-4 Storeroom, where the dynamite is being stored.

This area will be full of Ganados, and another Dr. Salvador. Clear the enemies out alongside Luis, and head up the southernmost stairs to find a lever, which will lower a bridge in the room.

Go over to the bridge and across it to retrieve the dynamite.

Head back on over to the blockage to set it alight. When it's about to blow, you’ll want to move back into the path to the Storeroom to avoid the fallout from the explosion.

Continue through the cave and break the vent ahead… where both original El Gigante and the beefed-up castle version of El Gigante are here for more. Who knows how they both ended up down here.

You’ve done this before, and have Luis here to help you, so this fight will be no trouble at all. Focus your efforts on the original El Gigante, tackling him just as you did during Chapter 4; by shooting the parasite on his back. When he stumbles, interact with the control panel to drop him into the pool of lava beneath the hatch. That ‘s one giant taken care of.

The other El Gigante is armored, so don't bother wasting your ammo on him. Keep this El Gigante busy by any means, because eventually, Luis will vanish and then return with exactly what we need: dynamite!

Lure the castle El Gigante towards where Luis is standing, and he’ll attach the dynamite at the giant. Your penultimate job is to shoot the dynamite and set it alight! Last, but not least, drop this oaf into the hatch. That's the two giants taken care of, for good.

To the left of the room, help Luis onto the ledge, so he can unlock the next door. Continue on into the next room, and hop into the mine cart.

It's now time for one hell of a mine cart ride, and there are a few things to consider here. First, you’ll need to lean left and right on occasion to prevent the cart from tipping. There’ll also be signs to shoot, so you can successfully change to safer tracks.

Occasionally, you’ll need to shoot wooden planks or explosive barrels to clear your path, and of course, there’ll be enemies riding alongside you.

Successfully keep the cart in good health, and avoid any impromptu crashes, and you’ll eventually reach the end of what was a wild ride. Except, it isn't.

Make your way through the Stopover area, and hop straight into another mine cart. Keep doing what you just did. You’ll soon wind up at the Hive.

Press ahead toward the elevator. When the bridge caves in, platform down and continue along the linear path ahead, clearing Novistadors and retrieving loot. Then, ride the elevator with Luis.

After the next couple of cutscenes, it's time for us to fight Jack Krauser.

This is a knife-only fight, in which we’ll need to carefully parry Krauser's attacks while also hitting him with our own. Sooner or later, he’ll have had enough and will leave Leon to it.

With that fight over, so is Chapter 11.

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our walkthrough of Chapter 11 of Resident Evil 4 Remake how to ride the Mine Carts, beat the El Gigante duo, and fight Krauser