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Pallet Racking for Modern Warehouses

Jul 29, 2023

Developed for third-party logistics (3PL) providers, integrators, small manufacturers and warehouse managers, Essential Pallet Racking offers ease in designing warehouse spaces while providing a bill of materials in real time.

Configura announced plans to debut CET Essentials for the material handling industry at the upcoming ProMat in Chicago.

CET Essentials will include Essential Deep Storage, Essential Conveyors and more, to design efficient, modern warehouses.

"As a former racking salesman, the capability of CET Material Handling plus the Essential Pallet Racking Extension is a game changer," says Configura business development manager, March Stuemer. The market is asking for the fast quotations and 3D visualizations that CET Material Handling provides. This solution eliminates the need to use multiple tools to design spaces, improves training times and reduces human error."

From Configura: