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Nicolas Cage Chats The Who During a Colbert Questionert: Watch

Nov 29, 2023

Before Nicolas Cage was Nicolas Cage, he was just a (somewhat) regular guy doing regular guy things. During his recent visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor took the "Colbert Questionert" and reflected on some fond early memories, including seeing The Who at his first-ever concert.

The show went down at the Fillmore Stadium in San Fransisco: "Roger [Daltrey] did this incredible thing where he was spinning the microphone with the cable and he just hit the cymbal. It was like 50 feet behind him! And he got it right on the cymbal!"

Cage went on: "I was just so amazed… And my cousin thought I was absurd because I was so excited I couldn't stay in my seat. But I was just blown away by that show." Now, we’re dying to know: Was the cousin in question Sofia Coppola or Jason Schwartzman?

Later on in the "Questionert," Colbert asked Cage if he’d ever asked a celebrity for their autograph. As it turns out, he once tried to get a John Hancock from The Who frontman himself, Pete Townshend.

"Well, it wasn't in person — I sent a picture and said ‘would you sign this?'" Cage explained. "Maybe he did sign it and it never came back in the mail."

"Pete, if you’re watching, send it to me and I’ll make sure he gets it," Colbert said to the camera, before asking Cage if he had any particular message he wanted Townshend to write to him. "Yeah — ‘Sorry this took so long, Nic,'" he responded.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cage discussed his fear of centipedes, his love of birthdays, his contempt for his wife's Pomeranian, and more. Watch it below.

Unfortunately for Cage, it looks like The Who probably won't be coming to the US anytime soon, if ever again. The Renfield star was also recently featured on an episode of 60 Minutes, during which he revealed how he crawled out of $6 million in debt during the 2008 recession.

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