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New Xbox Series X expansion card finally arrives to challenge Seagate

Apr 28, 2023

Seagate is no longer the only contender in the Xbox Series X SSD ring, as Western Digital expansion cards finally launch today. While external storage options have been available to Xbox players from day one, the new WD_Black cards are just the second internal storage option to come to Microsoft's flagship consoles.

It's needless to say that the Seagate expansion card is one of the best Xbox Series X hard drive options out there, as it’ll hold up against the console's internal storage in terms of performance. That said, the simplistic, old-school proprietary approach isn't cheap, and the company's cards are only just starting to drop in price.

You could say the timing is impeccable, too, as Western Digital is about to enter the fold with a lower MSRP by default. WD's take on Xbox expandable storage arrives with a lower price tag from the get-go, as the 1TB card costs just $149.99. While you can now pick up the original Seagate version for the same, WD's 512GB variant comes in at $79.99 – that's $10 less than its rival's new tag.

According to a press release, the new WD_Black C50 Expansion Card for Xbox will help expand Western Digital's console portfolio, as the storage giant already makes some of the best SSDs for gaming on the market. However, the company seems to be using a caveat tied to PlayStation 5 and PC hard drives as a product pitch, as it says opting for its new card will save you from "fussing with screws or compatibility concerns."

Sure, being able to easily crack the oblong powerhouse open and pop in one of the best PS5 SSDs might be cheaper at the moment, but Microsoft's proprietary approach does keep things simple.

If you’ve been putting off grabbing an Xbox expansion card, now could be the perfect time to finally invest. Western Digital entering the fold is sure to help set a new bar in terms of pricing, and Seagate is already seemingly adjusting its price tags to suit.

Of course, PS1-esque memory cards aren't the only option at your disposal, so if you’d rather pick up something that’ll work with more than just the Series X and S, take a look at the best internal and external storage deals in your area down below.

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$149.99 $79.99