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Man's unusual dishwasher

Dec 07, 2023

A man has enraged people due to the way that he loads the dishwasher, with some saying people like him are the reason that they refuse to live with roommates as they can't stand the habit

Loading the dishwasher is one of the least tedious household chores to contend with. While it may not be your favourite thing to do in the world, for most people, it's an easy enough task to complete.

You put cutlery in the assigned section, glasses all need to go together, the same size plates should be placed in the same location, and you just need to make sure that they're evenly spaced out to ensure they can all get a good blast from the water.

But one man has sparked a debate about the unusual way he stacks a dishwasher, with some scolding him and arguing habits like these are the key reason they refuse to have roommates.

The bloke's sibling posted a picture of their unusual dishwasher stacking attempt on Reddit and wrote: "When my brother's doing the dishes, he puts the plates like this and he doesn't want me to correct it."

The picture showed a plate that had been stacked correctly, with another plate crammed next to it in the same slot, leaving little room between both plates for water to flush through and clean them properly.

People in the comments were flabbergasted, wondering how he couldn't see that he'd done it totally wrong.

One wrote: "There are a lot of dishwasher posts in this [Reddit sub], and I am surprised that some people (like your bro) don't stop once in a while to think about how things work."

Another fumed about their experience with someone who did something similar, commenting: "I had a roommate (who just moved out, thank god) who would put cups in dishwasher right-side up (so they'd fill with water), big cookie sheets in the front of the bottom rack (so the soap dispenser couldn't open), and nest his spoons dirty side down in the silverware basket (so the crammed spoons never got touched by water).

"I corrected him and explained why it doesn't work so many damn times, and yet he kept doing it. Along with other illogical stuff that made the house gross. I refused to clean up after him. Instead, I told him to move out after his year was up.

"Constantly doing moronic s*** like this without fixing it put unnecessary stress on my life. It's insane how much more peaceful the past few days since he moved out have been. Never going to welcome a roommate in my home again."

Someone else raged: "What I've learned throughout my 20s is that the VAST majority of roommates are like this. It made me realize that they need roommates for a reason beyond splitting rent payments. No more roommates for me ever again."

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