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Diablo 4: 10 Best Barbarian Aspects, Ranked

Dec 04, 2023

Diablo 4's Barbarian is a powerhouse of destruction, but it can be even more devastating when using the best Aspects for the class.

The Barbarian is the main melee-focused class for Diablo 4. They come in with a lot of health to burn and a lot of damage to inflict. Being right up in the enemy's face means you will need to be able to take a lot of direct incoming damage.

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There are a number of Aspects for the Barbarian that will increase the amount of damage they can put out, but what works even better is the synergy of the Aspects that help keep their health pool from getting to dangerously low levels. This will allow you to tear through foes and rack up the experience.

With this Aspect in tow, whenever you deal damage to your targeted foe with Kick or Ground Stomp, it will reset the cooldown for your Leap skill. This means the moment you leap into a group of enemies, you can use Ground Stomp to end that 15-second cooldown.

Finish off the enemies in the group and proceed to Leap to another group, just to kick the first enemy you see to once again end the 15-second cooldown on your Leap. This lets you continue to Leap from groups of foes to continue your merry campaign of carnage.

This is a solid Aspect choice to go with if you are playing a Barbarian. What it does is simple and effective. This Aspect grants you 2 percent damage reduction if you have so much as one enemy with the Bleeding status effect.

You will get an additional 2 percent damage reduction for each additional enemy that also has the Bleeding status effect, up to a total of 10 percent. For a Barbarian, it won't be hard to get up to this 10 percent damage reduction while facing against larger hordes of enemies and this will greatly improve your survivability.

Aspect of Encroaching Wrath is an Aspect you will get a lot of mileage from. How it works is that whenever you spend 100 of your Fury, the next time you use a Weapon Mastery Skill, that skill will deal an additional 82 percent increased damage.

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Even scarier, that damage goes strait up to 100 percent. This means your Weapon Mastery Skill deals double damage just by spending Fury. The speed at which Elite enemies will drop sooner is noticeable from the moment you start using this Aspect.

A Barbarian skill with a rather heavy cooldown has always been their Shout Skills. In Diablo 4, this is no different. When your Barbarian performs a shout, there will be a 25-second cooldown before they can do it again.

You will gain 2 points of Fury for every second for the duration of your shouts thanks to Aspect of Echoing Fury. This Fury generation can reach a total of 4 points of Fury per second for the duration of your shout.

This Aspect pairs very well with the previously mentioned Aspect of Perpetual Stomping. What this Aspect does is that whenever you make use of your Leap Skill, it will generate an Earthquake at the point of impact. This Earthquake will deal physical damage to all foes within its range.

While you are in this range, you will receive 5 percent damage reduction. This mount can reach as high as 15 percent, and all of this lasts for 4 seconds. This means whenever you land in a large group of foes, you will be dishing out a larger amount of damage to them all, while receiving less total incoming damage.

Aspect of Berserk Ripping is something that pairs phenomenally well with Iron Blood Aspect. Whenever you deal damage to any foe, this Aspect will inflict 20 percent of that damage as additional bleed damage. This can reach as high as 30 percent and will be dealt out over 5 seconds.

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What this means for you is that if you charge into a group of enemies while you have both Iron Blood Aspect and Aspect Of Berserk Ripping, you have a flat 10 percent damage reduction so long as at least 5 of them are left standing.

Not all builds will utilize Shouts as much as others, but for any player that makes use of Shout skills, Bold Chieftan's Aspect is something too good to pass up. This Aspect's main purpose it to reduce the cooldown of your shouts so that you can keep the effects of them around more consistently.

Whenever you use one of your shouts, the cooldown for that shout is reduced by 1 percent for each enemy that is near you. This can be increased to total of 1.9 percent and can reduce your Shout's cooldown by up to 12 seconds. Shouts normally have a cooldown of 25 seconds, making the reduction almost half the time.

Whirlwind has been a beloved skill for Barbarian Enthusiasts throughout the Diablo franchise. It turns the simple method of movement into a deadly act of mowing down absolutely everything you pass through. This Aspect makes Whirlwind even more powerful by leaving behind Dust Devils.

These Dust Devils will inflict damage to all surrounding enemies. Making use of the right path of moment while using Whirlwind will result in making the most of this Aspect and getting the highest output of damage.

Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind takes one of the biggest negatives about Whirlwind and completely mitigates it. When you use Whirlwind, you need to be fully aware of every enemy on the map, knowing how to optimize the damage by not starting too early. If you start Whirlwind before you charge into a group of enemies, that is precious seconds you aren't inflicting damage.

Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind creates a vacuum with you right in the center. This will occasionally pull enemies outside the damage zone directly into it and allow your damage numbers to be much higher while using the skill.

To fully understand this Aspect, you must first understand the Barbarian Key Passive, Walking Arsenal. While you have this passive on your character, you will gain a 10 percent damage increase for 6 seconds whenever you deal damage with one of the following: Two-Handed Slashing, Two-Handed Bludgeoning, or Dual Wielded weapons. The Barbarian has many weapons, and swapping between them will be key in stacking this buff.

While you have this increased damage from all three of these at the same time, you get a further increase of 15 percent damage. This Aspect will grant you 20 percent increased Fury generation while you have all three of these bonuses from this passive. This can reach a height of 36 percent Fury generation.

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