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Chapter 11 guide (Blast Furnace boss fight) in Resident Evil 4 remake

Dec 31, 2023

Resident Evil 4's 11th chapter follows Leon and Luis as they work their way back up to the surface after a long trip through the Depths at the end of Chapter 10.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 11 walkthrough will ensure that you don't miss any items from the beginning of the chapter through the Mines, Blast Furnace, a couple of mine cart rides, the Stopover, and the Hive.

Throughout this walkthrough, we’re not going to mention every item that anyone (or anything) you shoot drops — if you kill something, look for a loot drop.

Also, there's a little randomness to the contents of crates based on your inventory and weapons, so you probably won't find the exact same things listed below. The crates and barrels themselves will always be in the same locations, though. And all other items — keys, collectibles, and resources not found in crates — should be the same.

Chapter 11 starts in a Merchant safe room. Grab the Foreman's Log file to the left of the typewriter and smash the crate to the right for pesetas and gunpowder.

The Merchant isn't selling anything new, but he’ll trade you a gold token for 3 spinels. We cashed in all of our treasures not long ago, so if you’ve been following along with our chapter walkthroughs, you probably won't have anything to sell.

There's also a Shooting Gallery here if you’re looking for new Charms to hang on your Attache Case.

Climb the ladder off to the northwest of the walkway (railway) above you. Take a right to smash a pair of crates for gunpowder and magnum ammo. Head back to the left and follow the tunnel.

At the intersection, keep heading forward to find the Blast Zone lock(?). Turn around, grab the Explosives Storage Notice file from the mouth of the tunnel on the left (north), and take that fork to the north.

At the top, you’ll enter the Mines. If you have the ammo, take a second to snipe any villagers you see. When you vault the railing here, there will be several more villagers — including a chainsaw villager — that attack from the left.

Watch for the explosive barrel around the corner to help you out. Around when you think you’re done, another chainsaw villager will come down the stairs to the left.

From where you drop down, duck under the walkway for a crate with handgun and rifle ammo. Head all the way to the left (past the stairs) and follow the wall around to find a green herb.

Head up the stairs in the southern part of the Mines. Follow the path into the building and smash the crate for a heavy grenade and some gunpowder.

Go pull the bridge lever on the console and a few more villagers will come up behind you.

Head downstairs and smash the crate for shotgun shells, rifle ammo, and handgun ammo.

Unlock the door and head through. Go up the stairs across from the door. Turn to the left and look up for a lantern with a sapphire.

Cross the bridge you just lowered and take the tunnel on the left. There's a crate and some barrels to the right with handgun, rifle, and magnum ammo. Grab the dynamite from the boxes in the center.

Outside, take a left and follow the walkway. At the end, take the left to find a chest with a Golden Hourglass. Drop off the ledge and head back to the Blast Zone "lock."

Use the dynamite and then run back into the tunnel — you need to avoid both the blast and the rocks that come tumbling past afterward.

Follow the tunnel up and into the dead end. Smash the crate and barrel for pesetas and rifle ammo. Take the tunnel on the left and kick through the grate to meet another Armored Giant. Oh, and he brought a friend.

There's a lot going on in this fight — specifically, dealing with two giants and not having a cannon handy to take out the armored one. (Their official name should really be "Un Gigante" or "Los Gigantes" at this point.)

Luckily, this fight can end much more quickly than the previous two. There's a console in the northeast (it's along the right side when you enter) with a switch. Holding the switch will open a grate in the center of the room that drops into a vat of molten metal.

Start by focusing on the unarmored giant. Just like the first fight, shoot it enough to get the parasite to pop out, and then shoot that (or press the button prompt to jump on it and start stabbing). Your goal this time is to get it to drop to its knees in the center of the room — and really, it only needs to be vaguely close to the hatch. When it's in position, Luis will tell you to hit the switch. Do so.

The giant won't always be cooperative, though, so you might have to repeat the parasite-popping process a couple times.

The armored giant is a bit harder to deal with because of the, well, armor. Don't bother shooting it. Just keep it occupied by running away until Luis heads off on his own errand. A few seconds later, he’ll return with a bundle of dynamite.

Lure the armored giant over to Luis’ tower so he can plant the bomb, and then shoot the dynamite to expose this giant's parasite. Shoot it for a while, and then give this giant it's Gollum-at-the-end-of-Return of the King moment, too (get it to kneel in the middle of the room, hit the switch to open the hatch, and drop this one into the molten metal.)

Sweep the edges of the room for any crates and items. You’ll find handgun ammo, gunpowder, submachine gun ammo, and a hand grenade. There are also several crates and barrels with (a lot of) pesetas and a velvet blue.

When you’re done, head over to Luis and boost him over the door.

In the maintenance room, check under the stairs for a pair of barrels with even more pesetas, and then head up the stairs to grab a green herb on the landing. Continue up the stairs and down the tunnel.

When you come to the mine cart room, stick to the left to find a typewriter. Drop down and join Luis in the mine cart.

You might notice that you now have infinite ammo in your pistol. That's for a reason — things are about to get all sorts of interesting.

First, you’ll have to lean the same way the track is curving to keep the cart stable — lean left if the track curves left. Next, you’ll have to shoot through boards blocking the tunnel and then, immediately after, shoot a switch to divert your cart onto a less deadly route.

Several carts with villager arbalists (with flaming bolts) will show up at this point, shooting past you on parallel tracks. Take your time and land your shots here — you don't have to be perfect, but it takes a long time to aim and the cart is pretty weak. Try to reload in the gaps — like when you go through a tunnel — because you’re not going to have a lot of time for it while getting attacked.

Watch for explosive barrels to make your work easier and keep an eye out for a villager holding dynamite on your track.

After the exploding barrels section, shoot another switch to divert your cart again. You’ll eventually end up at the Stopover.

Head up the stairs and around the corner. You’ll get jumped by three villagers including one inside throwing dynamite. Head into the main room to find two crates with pesetas.

Look up at the top of the southern wall to see Clockwork Castellan 10 of 16. Head through any of the doors on that same wall and open the chest on the right for a Flagon. Turn around and grab the red herb as well, and then continue up the stairs.

At the top, take a left to smash a barrel with more pesetas.

This mine cart ride comes with trouble music, so you know it's serious. You’ll have to deal with more turns and a swarm of villagers in mine carts right away. There will be a chainsaw villager in a cart on your left, but don't worry about him yet. Watch for more exploding barrels and another dynamite villager on your track.

When you briefly head outside, watch for a stack of barrels in the tunnel entrance. After that, the chainsaw villager will get much closer to you. Just deal damage until his cart swerves away, and then turn your attention to the arbalists that harass you constantly.

Eventually, the chainsaw villager will switch to the other side. Just keep pumping rounds into his head. Not long after that, a tower will collapse ahead of you. Watch on the right for a(n oddly hard to hit) switch.

After some quick sightseeing, the ride will come to a very exciting end.

There's a typewriter ahead of you after the cutscene. Head to the left until the bridge you’re on collapses.

Drop down the ledges and ladders and start to follow the path around to the right.

Throughout the Mines, keep an eye out for camouflaged novistadors. If you shoot them before they un-camouflage, it usually only takes one shot to put them down.

At the first branch, you’ll get jumped by a few flying novistadors. Deal with them, then look high above you in the middle of the room.

Shoot the glowing yellow nodule (gross) on the nest to start the Insect Hive Blue Note Request. Head to the right and grab the yellow herb and the Blue Note Request you just started.

Stick to the right wall and follow the tunnel further up. When you exit, look up for Insect Hive 2 of 4.

Take a sharp right to find some crates in the corner with pesetas and handgun ammo.

On the right, go past the tunnel and smash the barrel for some pesetas. Look up again to get an angle on Insect Hive 3 of 4.

Follow the tunnel down and take the first right for two barrels holding pesetas, a velvet blue, and some magnum ammo.

At the top of the tunnel, take another right into another dead end to find crates with pesetas and handgun ammo.

Take the western branch into a very dark tunnel to find a chest with a gold bar (L) inside.

Head back and take the final branch back toward the middle of the Hive. At the end, look up at the main hive. Off to the left and in the distance, you’ll spot Insect Hive 4 of 4. Head right.

Duck into the tunnel on the right to find a Merchant room. Drop a couple gemstones into the Flagon, and then sell it along with the Gold Bar (L), Golden Hourglass, and any velvet blue you’ve picked up.

Fix up your knife (and Body Armor, if you bought it), and pick out a tune-up or two. Save at the typewriter, and then head back out.

Take a right to get to that elevator. After a cutscene and a quick reunion, you’ll have to face off with a character from Leon's past (who wasn't in the earlier games, just a part of Leon's backstory).

After some villain monologuing, you’ll get control again. Grab the Boot Knife on your right as you back away.

Your job in this fight is to parry constantly with L1. Eventually, you’ll get a melee prompt. When you do, kick Krauser in the head. You’ll get some exposition while the beefcakes fight.

When Krauser jumps behind you, remember that you have a quick turn control with R1 + back on the left thumbstick. After you kick him a few times, watch for the evade prompt when he tries to return the favor (we missed every single one). He’ll also start slashing multiple times in a row.

After enough parrying, the fight will end and Luis will give you the key to his lab, Luis's Key.

After that downer of an ending, we’ll head to Chapter 12. Or you can return to our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough here.

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