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Best Bike Storage Solutions 2023

Oct 25, 2023

The best bike storage solutions make it easier than ever to park your steed in a garage, basement, home or urban space. Even if you’ve picked up a bike rack for the car, you’ll still need a place to secure your ride when it's not in use. And because leaning your bike against the wall often leads to scratches, scuffs and stubbed toes, a dedicated storage solution is the only way to go. But just as there are mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes vying for your attention, so too are there countless bike storage solutions worth considering.

Store your bike safely and securely with one of the best bike storage solutions.

Bike storage solutions come in many styles, shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose from semi-permanent solutions, like wall-mounted bike racks, to portable ones, like free-standing bike stands. While the Topeak LineUp Stand won us over with its no-assembly-required design, our other top picks allow you to hang your bike against a wall, store it from the ceiling, park it in a van or leave it outside knowing it's safe and secure.

No shortage of excellent storage solutions exist to safely store your bike and keep your space tidy, regardless of the type of bike (or bikes) you’re riding. Here are nine of the best bike storage solutions you can pick up today.


Are you guilty of leaning your bike up against the wall? Well, stop it, and get this easy-to-use floor stand from Topeak instead. There's no assembly required—simply lock the fold-down swing arm in place, then roll the front or rear wheel of your bike into the slot. The spring-loaded swing arm holds your bike upright with no lifting or awkward jostling required, and there's also no risk of scratching the wheels or frame. To get your bike out, just apply some pressure to the front arm to hold it in place while you slide your bike out (otherwise, the rack will simply slide with your bike because the wheel is locked in).

As this is a lightweight, portable and freestanding unit, you can position it almost anywhere, from the house to the apartment to the garage. Heck, you can even throw the stand in the back of your car to use at the trailhead so you don't have to lean your bike against the car while getting ready.

The wheel slot accommodates almost any type of bike from the skinniest 20 mm road bike tires to wider 29 mm mountain or gravel bike tires. Note that the rack does not accommodate extra-wide fat bike tires. And if you own more than one bike, multiple Topeak LineUp stands can easily sit next to each other to form a flexible storage solution for a collection of bikes.


Hang your bike on the wall like a piece of art with the Cycloc Solo bike storage solution. Available in six different colors to match your home décor, this wall-mounted rack holds your bike either vertically or horizontally and rotates to accommodate a variety of bike frame angles. Rubber contact points on the curved lip also protect your frame from any scratches or scuffs.

The small circular space within the bike mount is perfect for storing accessories like bike lights or gloves. Should you keep it in a public hallway, the hole through the top and bottom enables you to lock up your bike, or you can use it to hang your helmet.

The Cycloc Solo secures to your wall via three bolts and will hold bikes that weigh up to 66 pounds. For bikes with wide bars—like mountain bikes or other flat bar bikes—an optional spacer extends the bike mount further away from the wall to make room for the handlebars.


Trying to store multiple bikes on the floor of your garage or piling them up against one another can quickly get out of hand. A far better option would be to use the Steadyrack vertical bike storage solution, which enables you to hang multiple bikes together in a small amount of wall space. This wall-mounted bike rack features a fold-down arm that swivels 160 degrees from side to side and securely holds the front wheel of your bike in place. This swivel design allows you to fit multiple bikes in a smaller footprint than would be required were the bikes hung horizontally against the wall.

While vertical wall racks tend to make it easy to lift bikes up onto the wall, heavier bikes usually pose more of a challenge because they require more strength to lift and maneuver. The genius of Steadyrack, however, is that you don't even have to worry about lifting your bike off the ground to mount it. Instead, simply balance your bike on its back wheel and slide the front wheel into the arm. Genius.

The Steadyrack also comes in a variety of styles to accommodate different types of bikes—standard, mountain, fat and those with fenders. The Classic Steadyrack fits standard bikes with a wheel diameter of 20 to 29 inches and tire widths up to 2.1 inches, and it can support weights up to 77 pounds.


If you don't want to drill holes into your walls, this floor-to-ceiling bike stand is the perfect non-permanent solution for storing multiple bikes (and it looks pretty sleek, too). The elegant single pole design securely wedges between the floor and ceiling of any room without the need to bolt it into walls, ceilings or floors.

The bike stand extends to fit ceilings up to 10.5 feet high and no tools are required to install the stand—simply extend the spring-loaded pole to reach the ceiling and lock the extension lever into place. This lever can then be tightened with a standard Allen key to ensure the arm doesn't slip down when the bikes are loaded on.

Once the bike stand is in place, lock the foot stepper to engage the spring, which forms a secure platform from ceiling to floor. While the stand will hold up to four bikes, the package only comes with two hook mounts, so you’ll need to buy more to expand your storage. These hook mounts swivel up to 30 degrees to accommodate a variety of standard or sloping frame top tubes. The mounts also slide up or down along the stand to make room for large or small bikes. Each hook mount can hold up to 39.7 pounds in weight and the entire stand can accommodate up to 158.7 pounds. As an optional accessory, stabilizers can secure your bike handlebars in place so the front wheel doesn't twist when it's suspended off the ground.


This bike storage solution is perfect for renters since no permanent attachment or drilling is required. The Delta Michelangelo bike stand simply leans against your wall and uses the force of gravity to hold two bikes of any style, up to 80 pounds in total weight. Out of the box, the bike stand can be assembled in mere minutes with nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver. For heavier bikes, such as e-bikes, a wall stabilizing strap is included to avoid any accidental toppling (for really heavy bikes, stay on the safe side and only store them on the lower rungs).

Thick rubber feet prevent the base of the bike stand from sliding out under load and also protect your floor from potential damage. Padded hooks on each side of the stand secure your bike in place and move independently up and down to accommodate any size or style of bike. You can even add extra hooks to hold accessories such as bike helmets, caps, gloves, lights or fanny packs.


While vans and trucks are great for storing or transporting bikes, things can get messy if you’re not on top of every detail—derailleurs knocked out of alignment, spokes broken, frames scratched, etc. The BikeStow Original bike rack makes it incredibly easy to keep your bikes organized and safely transported to and from the start of your ride. As the bike rack folds down flat and weighs less than 30 pounds, it can double as a bike storage solution for your house, apartment or garage when it's not being used to transport bikes in your vehicle.

The portable bike rack folds open to create a stable platform in the back of your vehicle and holds up to four bikes, whether they are road, mountain or even e-bikes. Cargo straps secure the bike rack in place and ensure it doesn't tip over should you fancy yourself a bit of a Formula 1 driver.

The bike rack is easy to deploy and use—simply roll the front or back wheel of your bike into the dedicated slots and slide down the aluminum V-lock to secure your bike into place. Each wheel slot accommodates tires up to 3 inches wide on 26-inch or 27.5-inch wheels and 2.6 inches wide on 29-inch wheels.


For anyone with a backyard or outdoor space, a shed offers a viable bike storage solution to keep your garage and house free of clutter while keeping your bike safe beyond home. The Rubbermaid Bike Shed uses a double-wall construction made from a durable, UV-resistant resin that will not rust, rot or fade. In other words, the shed will do a great job protecting your bike and gear from moisture, weather and sun damage. The impact-resistant floor further protects your bike and other gear from any fall damage.

The bike shed is easy to assemble thanks to interlocking panels that only require a few tools to lock each piece into place. You can customize the interior of the shed with shelves, pegboards and racks (all sold separately) in order to further organize all your bike gear. The deep 5-by-6-foot floor plan is perfect for storing bikes either horizontally or vertically, and the doors are lockable for added security.


Larger households, and particularly those that include kids, may prefer a multi-bike rack that doesn't require you to lift bikes off the ground. Not only could kids scratch bikes and scuff walls while trying to lift bikes onto a wall-mounted rack, but they could also potentially injure themselves or break things around them if the bikes wind up falling.

The Saris Mighty Mite rack solves this problem by providing a 6-bike storage solution via a simple floor rack that riders of any age could easily role their bikes into. The industrial-style design is somewhat reminiscent of outdoor street bike racks and there's no vinyl, rubber or padding to protect your spokes. It's a fairly utilitarian design but it makes for an affordable, simple, family-friendly solution that can't be beat.


If your storage space is very small or cluttered and you truly don't have room for a bike rack or stand, your best bet may be wrapping your frame in padding to protect it from getting dinged and nicked, scuffed and scratched. A frame protection kit, like this seven-piece set from Orucase, is perfect in these situations, and it's also a great option if you want to pad up your bike and store it in the garage or basement for an extended period of time (during snowy winter months, for instance), or if you want to protect your bike while traveling. Soft bike travel cases are relatively affordable and space-saving but in order to fully protect your bike in transit, you’ll need to reinforce the bag with frame padding like this. Unlike taping and zip-tying pipe insulation (the old way of protecting a bike), the Orucase frame protection kit consists of compression molded foam and flexible velcro straps that will stick anywhere so they can be used for any geometry bike. Because the foam can be cut and trimmed, it's also able to fit any size bike.

As dedicated cyclists with decades of experience on roads and trails, we know how frustrating it can be to store your bike in a home or small apartment. We’ve crammed our bikes in closets, hung them from rafters and positioned them so awkwardly that a single heavy step could send them toppling over. For these reasons, we understand the importance of a stable, secure bike storage solution whether you’re an avid rider or occasional commuter.

When selecting the best bike storage solutions for this list, we relied on firsthand experience, expert advice and independent reviews from shoppers just like you. We considered different living spaces, different types of bikes, and storage options that allow you to orient your bike in any number of positions. We took into account different specs and features that set one option apart from the rest, and compiled a list that represents the best of the best.

This roundup of the best bike storage solutions is updated regularly for accuracy and integrity. It was last updated February 2023.

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