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7 clever ways to store garden tools and save space

Jun 01, 2023

Here's how to store garden tools and make outdoor chores a breeze

As the weather warms up, it's the perfect time for gardening jobs, or lawn care duties. And if you have a shed full of essential tools, you’ll need to know clever ways to store garden tools and save space.

Whether it's lawn mowers and rakes to the best pruning shears, garden tools can take up valuable space in your shed. Organizing your tools and storing them properly will not only free up room, but will protect your tools from rust and keep them in good condition. Best of all, it will save you the time (and hassle!) of rummaging through a pile of equipment to find the right tool.

What's more, you’ll have a more presentable and attractive shed — just avoid these things you should never store in the shed. So, if you want practical and stylish storage solutions, check out these 7 clever ways to store garden tools and save space.

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If you have a mountain of tools dumped on the shed floor, or limited storage, a wall-mounting rack is a great option. Not only do racks free up precious floor space, but they will keep your shed tidy and clutter-free.

Typically, wall-mounting racks are sturdy, industrial strength racks made out of steel. These are designed to hold heavy-duty items,and usually come with rubberised grips to prevent tools slipping. This is also a good way of organizing your tools, so that you can easily see things at a glance. You can find racks that can hold up to six tools or more, to suit your space.

Alternatively, you can install a few racks side-by-side, like this StoreYourBoard BLAT Garage Garden Tool Organizer Wall Mount ($49, Amazon), if you have plenty of tools. Just make sure you follow the mounting instructions first, and ensure that your wall structure is in good condition.

If you don't have suitable walls however, you can simply hang hooks behind the shed door, or even on a porch wall. Ensure the hooks are sturdy, and strong enough to hold up your rakes, spades or other long-handled tool.

You can buy heavy-duty wall hooks like these KOFANI Garage Hooks ($27, Amazon) online or at your local home/hardware store.

Another option is to use chains to hang heavier items such as hoses, which tend to be awkward to store. Again, these will keep garden tools off the ground, and won't cost much either.

Another clever way to store and display garden tools is a wall-mounted pegboard. This is particularly useful for storing those smaller tools that often go "missing" whenever you need them.

These are quick to install, weather-resistant and come with heavy-duty panel hooks. Everything from rakes, shovels and brooms to those smaller items like your favorite gardening gloves can be displayed in an organized manner.

Panels and hooks come in a range of different sizes and materials to suit your needs. Additionally, you can also install multiple pegboards like this Ultrawall Garage Storage ($149, Amazon) for grouping certain items. Best of all, this eliminates any clutter, and it's a more stylish, contemporary way to showcase your tool collection.

If you don't want to display your tools, a storage chest is a clever way of hiding them. In addition, these are usually weatherproof, so your tools won't be subject to rust or damage over time. A storage chest is also lockable for extra security.

Storage chests come in many sizes, gallons and designs to suit your space, and you can even find ones that double up as seating if you have guests or find yourself hosting those summer garden parties.

What's more, if you don't have a shed or have limited space, you can place storage chests in your backyard or patio. Not only will these protect your tools from damage, but they'll make an attractive part of your outdoor decor.

We recommend this Keter Denali 200 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization ($289, Amazon) to spruce up your backyard.

Similarly, if you want to keep things ground-level, you can always invest in a slimline, standing tool rack. These racks are designed to easily slot in your rakes, spades, brooms or any other long-handled tool without taking much space.

Since they are all upright, a standing tool rack makes it better to organize and access garden tools easily. You can find different racks to suit your storage needs, with ones that can accommodate up to 40 tools, have shelves/storage compartments, or fit snugly in corners. There are also racks with wheels much like this Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack ($64, Amazon), so you can easily move it around, and access what you need.

Wooden pallets have soared in popularity over the years, thanks to their versatility. With their rustic charm, there are many clever ways to repurpose them. Alongside making great planters for vertical gardens, pallets are also handy for storing garden tools.

Simply take two wooden pallets, create a makeshift "bin," and place your tools inside it. You can use pallets to organize tools by size, type or any other preference. What's more, wooden palettes are eco-friendly and super versatile — so you can repaint them, locate them anywhere, and add your own style. This will certainly add character to any shed or outdoor space.

If you didn't want to overfill your entire shed with gardening equipment, why not opt for a designated tool shed instead? These smaller versions fit nicely into compact spaces, or even on the side of a wall.

Similar to a full-sized shed, a tool shed comes with a solid floor and weather-proof roof to protect tools from the risk of rust and dust. And they either come with single or double doors, depending on your needs.

You can either opt for traditional wood or galvanized steel like this Greesum Metal Outdoor Storage Shed ($159, Amazon) that is more durable, and built to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

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