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12 Unexpected Ways To Use Your Magnetic Knife Rack

Jun 17, 2023

While bins, drawer dividers, and shelves are helpful for more oversized items in the kitchen, garage, or office, sometimes smaller supplies need an excellent place to be stored. For example, magnetic knife racks are ideal for minor things like pizza cutters.

Blogger Misen claims that every kitchen can use a magnetic knife rack to hold any tool. It hardly takes up any space and is a sanitary storage option for cutlery. Wooden knife blocks may keep all your knives together, but they're harder to clean, which can lead to the build-up of bacteria. In addition, the magnetic strips are versatile and can be used in multiple rooms and areas. For example, if you have a storage cabinet in the hallway where you keep miscellaneous supplies, like scissors or small tools, hanging a magnetic rack can keep them organized.

You can buy magnetic knife racks anywhere for a low or high price, spending on your preference. While the affordable magnetic strips are considered low-quality, they still get the job done. Harbor Freight sells them for as low as $3, while Wusthof sells them for $65. If you're looking to buy multiple, it'd be best to go with low-priced ones. And if you're having trouble finding other ways to use your knife rack, you've come to the right place because we have 12 different methods.

Key hooks can make for beautiful yet simple décor next to the front door or in the kitchen, but if multiple people live in one house, the keys can get piled over each other. The same goes for key dishes on the entry table. You'll have to remove numerous sets to get to yours, whereas a magnetic knife rack can hold all the keys without having to pile them on top of one another. Depending on how many keys you need to hang, you can buy one or two to fit them all.

Bathroom drawers can get messy quickly when hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips, etc., are all over the place. Using a magnetic knife strip can keep all the metal accessories together in one place for when you need them. Plus, you can hang nail clippers, tweezers, and scissors to have them available at any moment. Attach one to the inside of a drawer so you won't have to invest in multiple organizational dividers for each drawer in your bathroom.

If you have a crafts room where you sew, paint, or make models and have various storage areas for your tools, then you can use a few magnetic strips to hold some of your devices. For example, if you sew, place scissors, thimbles, or metal rulers on the strip next to your crafts table to have on standby when you need one quickly. In addition, you'll be able to use your drawers for other supplies, such as threads, pins, seam rippers, etc., to keep everything organized.

You can store your paintbrushes on a magnetic knife rack if you enjoy painting. The brushes will last longer if they're hung upside down on magnetic strips. As a result, your counters will look more organized without multiple paintbrushes lying around.

Magnetic strips work just as great in the garage, where all the power tools are kept. Crates and drawers can only go so far in keeping everything in one place. If you tend to reach for the same items, hang them on the strip so they're in sight and don't get misplaced. You can also use it to hold all of your drill pieces to grab them faster when they need to be changed out.

Food processor attachments can get lost or cluttered in a regular drawer. You might keep them with other kitchenware to keep them in one place, but then you have to rummage through the entire drawer to find the one you're looking for. So instead, place a magnetic knife strip in an open area on your wall and hang the attachments you use most often to have them nearby and easy to grab. Use it for baking equipment, such as the Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachments.

Utilizing wall space for kitchenware products can leave you without room for other things, such as your knives, so using the area under the cabinet is an excellent place to put your magnetic knife strip. Place the knives with their handles facing out so you don't hurt yourself when you're going to reach for one. The magnetic strip will be out of sight, and the knives will give the illusion that they're floating.

Another fun way to use a magnetic knife strip is to hang your seasoning jars. If they have metal caps, attach them to the strip, or replace them with metal ones if they don't. You'll be able to season your meal faster without having to dig inside the cabinet.

Take the magnetic strip outside to hold onto your gardening tools. A tool shed can be expensive, but if you have a small gardening station where you prepare new plants, you can attach one strip to either side of a cart. Keep your handheld garden rakes, forks, weeders, and trowels at hand, instead of going back and forth to the storage unit.

A creative way to use magnetic knife strips is in the kid's playroom. Hang a few long strips on the wall for your kids to place their metal toys, such as racecars, to keep them all in one place instead of in large bins. They'll have fun putting away all their toys when it's time to clean up, making a stunning colorful décor piece.

Hang your favorite mementos on a knife rack for a simple yet decorative look in your bedroom or home office. If you're not a huge fan of corkboards because they take up too much space, the magnetic strip will take up a small part of the wall. Additionally, if you don't have many photos or keepsakes to hang, the strips are available in various sizes to fit however many you have. You can stack the racks to display all your images or place one on different walls to spread them out.

If you have too many necklaces that easily get tangled on a jewelry hook display, a magnetic knife strip can help keep them organized. Put a few around your bedroom or a couple in the closet to maximize the storage. Of course, not all jewelry will be magnetic, so test each piece before buying a magnetic strip to ensure it works for you.